New Roof Installation

A new roof is a significant investment for any home or business. Without a rooftop, no home or business can provide the fundamental function of shelter. And when you live in hurricane country, faulty protection can be the difference between life and death.

Are you looking for the right roof installation company in Ocala, Florida? Bold City Roofing & Restoration install shingle, metal and modified bitumen products for residential and commercial clients. Our roofer team is here to help you install, replace or repair your roof. Furthermore, we back up all of our installations and replacements with a lifetime warranty.

While most homeowners favor gables with asphalt shingles or metal panels, commercial clients will consider flat roofing options. The typical flat roof construction has a tight membrane underneath a weather-resistant shell of modified bitumen, vinyl or EPDM. These roofs can cover football field lengths at a low price point, making them perfect for warehouses and larger apartment complexes.

Whichever new roof installation you need in Marion County, give Bold City a call. We will come to the property for a free inspection of your project needs. Once we finish, we’ll provide you with a free estimate to know how much the project will cost.

Stay Prepared for Storm Season with a Hurricane-Proof Roof!

Ocala might not be on the coast, but that doesn’t stop the ocean from coming to visit. Living on the crosswinds of the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and Atlantic Ocean only increases the risk for quickly changing climate and extreme weather events to batter your home. Staying prepared for storm damage means having a hurricane-proof shelter.

Bold City builds metal, shingle and flat roofs that home and business owners can count on during hurricane season. Our hurricane roofs will keep your people and property safe from wind and water damage with our Lifetime. No matter the weather, you can stay safe knowing that Bold City has your back.

Worried You Need Roof Repair?

When you live in a hurricane-prone area, storm damage is inevitable, and roof repair services are always in need. While metal roofs require recoating and resealing every year to ensure they don’t rust, there are other signs to look for on asphalt shingle roofs. Here are three significant characteristics that your rooftop might need maintenance:

  • Shingles curling, cracking or deteriorating.
  • Rust or corrosion on the metal panels.
  • Rips, black spots or streaks have formed.

  • Mold forming near the ceiling.
  • A hole or sag has formed in the roof.
  • There is a roof leak.

Bold City roofers can help identify and fix any of these issues, as well as recommend further actions to safeguard your home or business. Our team deliberates on any problem, looking for the most straightforward solutions before all else. Sometimes it only takes a targeted fix instead of a wholesale rebuild.

Give us a call to get started with your repair project. We’ll come out for a free inspection and provide you with an estimate of costs. Call us today!

Roof Installation Company

Establishing a successful company takes more than just expert installation; Bold City Roofing and Restoration provides repair, replacement and reflective coatings for homes or businesses, new and old. Reflective coating services can insulate your home against high temperatures, lowering energy bills by reducing your energy footprint during the summer months.

With a home base in Ocala, Bold City roofers can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. Our team can work with metal, shingle and flat roofing styles, using high-quality materials to ensure your rooftop will not fail. With a lifetime guarantee unmatched in the roofing industry, you can rest assured that your new roof will last a lifetime.

Contact us today, and we can start working on your next project as soon as possible. No matter the service, we will deliver.