Metal Roofing Near Me

When it comes to roofing materials, there are many options available. The wide variety of materials and styles can make choosing the right roof challenging for home and business owners. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For those looking for one material more durable than the rest, metal roofing sits head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Easy to install and maintain, metal roofs are ideal for those looking for a cost-effective solution. The best metal roof installation company in Marion County is only a phone call away. The Bold City Roofing and Restoration team provides excellent metal roofing services.

With multiple locations in north Florida and years spent in the business, our technicians have the expertise to understand and diagnose just what your roof needs. In addition to offering free inspections and estimates, we’re confident in our craftsmanship: all of our roof installations and replacements come with a lifetime guarantee. That’s why businesses and homeowners searching for their next roofing solution know there is only one place to call: Bold City.

Metal Roof Types

There are different metal roofs, each with their benefits and drawbacks. Bold City Roofing and Restoration works with a wide variety of metal roofs, providing repairs, replacements and installations for roof types, including:

Galvanized Steel
Also known as G-90 steel, this material is coated in zinc to prevent rust and corrosion. It is a strong material that is resistant to fire and hail damage.
Galvalume Steel
Galvalume is also coated in zinc, but it also has a layer of aluminum to prevent even more corrosion. It is slightly more expensive than galvanized steel, but it is also more resistant to the elements.
Copper roofs are known for their longevity and beauty. They are the most expensive, but they can also be recycled and do not rust, though they will change color to green as they oxidize.
Zinc roofs are the most environmentally friendly option, as they are made of 100% recycled materials. They make for durable roofs but can marble with a chalky residue due to water exposure.

Bold City Does More Than Just Metal Roofing

Our experience and reputation precede us. In addition to installing, replacing and repairing metal roofs, Bold City roofers are skilled in asphalt shingle and flat roof construction for residential and commercial clientele. We repair and replace a wide variety of rooftops, specializing in asphalt shingle, bitumen and metal materials.

We’re not like your regular roofing company. We’re not here to run up the bill. Our experienced roofers can help you find out what’s wrong with your roof and fix it. Is your roof leaking? No sweat! We can fix that, too. Ask one of our technicians and look for these significant signs that your roof might need repairs or replacement:

  • Shingles curling, cracking or deteriorating.
  • Rust or corrosion on the metal panels.
  • Rips, black spots or streaks have formed.

  • Mold forming near the ceiling.
  • A hole or sag has formed in the roof.
  • There is a roof leak.

Finally, we can give your roof a reflective coating that not only will help protect your home from water damage but helps reflect sunlight during the summer. This coating can help keep your home cooler and reduce cooling costs and energy footprint for both businesses and homes. Keeping loved ones, residents or customers cool during a sweltering summertime can only help comfort and company.

Therefore, if you need complete roof service, please don’t hesitate! No matter the roofing project, residential and commercial clients know that Bold City goes beyond industry standards.

Metal Roof Installation

Living on the Atlantic coast means living in the path of hurricanes and other extreme weather events. Even if it’s not hurricane season, heavy rains and high winds come with the territory. That’s why Bold City builds only the most durable hurricane-proof roofs. Regardless of coatings or hurricane proofing, any metal roof from Bold City comes with a lifetime guarantee for new installations and replacements.

Bold City’s metal roof installation professionals work to ensure that every resident receives a durable and aesthetically-pleasing solution. We want to give you the advantage because when you contact our team, we become your team. We will answer any of your questions about preparing and maintaining your roof for hurricane season to prevent your home or business from going underwater.

Contact the professionals at Bold City today to schedule an appointment and see how we can provide you with a roof that lasts. Even if you decide against metal roofing, our technicians can provide you with many alternatives and work to provide commercial and residential roofing solutions.