Commercial Roofing Near Me

Roofs are not something we think about all the time. As an irregular cost, sometimes we assume the roof is fine even when it is not. However, this attitude only leads to a nasty surprise. If you are a commercial property owner, chances are your roof has been under regular stress and may need review.

From the heat and rain of Florida summers to hail storms and even hurricanes, commercial roofs face many challenges that will inevitably wear them down over time. If your commercial enterprise in Marion County requires a roofing solution, Bold City Roofing & Restoration is the only business to call.

Our commercial roofing company uses many materials and types of roof, including metal, asphalt shingle and modified-bitumen roofs. We offer free estimates and inspections and a lifetime guarantee on quality roofs that will stand up to the Florida elements for years to come.

Furthermore, we are leaders in the industry. Our expert commercial contractors stay on top of industry trends and innovations. They will work and help you maintain your roof from collision or collapse. We have worked to keep an impressive portfolio of commercial clientele safe and warm (or cool, depending on the weather) in Northern Florida. These reasons and more are why we are the trusted roofing company.

We Perform Complete Roofing Services

Don’t let our commercial roofing services scare you away! We always put quality first, and that’s why we’re proud to offer residents top-quality roofing services for their homes at a competitive price.

From repairing a leaky roof to performing a new installation, we build our roofs to withstand all kinds of weather and come with the same lifetime warranty, no matter the material. Both residential and commercial clients can count on this guarantee, regardless of their choice in roof styles. If your roof requires repairs, we’ll work on those, too!

We also provide coating services for roofs. Our reflective roof coating services can reduce your heating bills and energy footprint during the summer months. Keeping loved ones, residents or customers cool during a sweltering summertime can only help comfort and company. Our reflective coating helps ensure both businesses and homes stay relaxed and comfortable.

So please don’t hesitate! Residential and commercial clients know that Bold City goes beyond industry standards, no matter the service.

Commercial Roof Repair

Should something occur in your business’ metal, asphalt or bitumen roof, our experienced team of technicians will arrive as soon as possible at your location to repair it. Moreover, we can provide repair services even if your roof was not installed or replaced by us. Our technicians will work with you to understand your roofing needs and create an affordable plan that fits your commercial or residential budget.

They can also help you identify problems to prevent them from becoming costly emergencies. We do commercial roofing with quality and safety in mind, considering the needs of your roof. We’re not looking to up the bill on your business with a costly replacement. If it does not need one, we will identify the problem and fix it. Look for these sure signs that your roof might require repairs:

  • Your shingles are curling, cracking or deteriorating.
  • Your roof has black spots or streaks.
  • Your roof is leaking.

The Bold City Roofing and Restoration team dedicates itself to craft and community; we look forward to discussing commercial and residential projects with you. Give us a call today, and we’ll work as hard and as fast as possible to make sure your home or business is as bold as ours. Peace of mind guaranteed.