Commercial Flat Roofers

Did you know flat roofs are the most common style among modern commercial properties in the United States? It seems unlikely, but it’s true! Commercial flat roofing solutions are more common than we realize. Bold City Roofing Restoration can provide quality commercial flat roofing installation, replacement or repair services.

It’s easy to see why so many business owners choose these types of roofs. With low upfront costs and easy installation, roofers can build modified bitumen, EPDM or polyvinyl roof surfaces across football field lengths. And it’s not always sizeable industrial park buildings, either. Modern apartment complexes and other developments trend towards flat roofs for their straight lines and minimalist aesthetic.

They’re not entirely flat, however. Professional roofers design them to have a slight grade, allowing water filtration and preventing pools of standing water from forming over the rooftop. Combined with a tight membrane underneath the shell material, they are perfect for rooftop patios, gardens and other additions.

Bold City Roof builds hurricane-proof flat roofs to withstand gale-force winds and rains with modified bitumen. These polymer-enhanced shelters will outlast the more extreme weather events we experience here in Florida and keep the contents inside the building safe from the elements.

If you own a business that needs commercial asphalt, metal or flat roof installation, replacement or repair services, look no further than Bold City Roofing and Restoration. Contact us today, and we can start with a free inspection and price estimate!

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Despite the low cost and ease of installing flat roof materials, they require regular maintenance and replacement. Most flat roofs will not last as long as a pitched roof, usually coming with a shorter warranty of 10 to 20 years because they do not handle inclement weather as well as pitched roofs.

Not with Bold City Roofing and Restoration, though. We build storm-ready flat roofs that will last for a lifetime. We back up our roofer’s craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee on any  replacement or installation. We also offer repairs for flat roofs.

Wondering how to spot issues with your flat roof? Signs that your rooftop will require repairs include:

  • Water pooling over large areas
  • Large water spots on the walls or ceiling
  • Rips or tears in the shell material or membrane
  • Black spots or streaks on the walls or ceiling

Property owners must watch out for water damage at all times. Water incurs more than just roof repairs. When left unattended, water can cause mold to form, needing special services to remove it. Water damage also can weaken drywall, requiring replacement. Finally, if too much water pools over a large area, it can lead to a disastrous hole that will need immediate repairs.

Lastly, flat roofs require regular sealing and coating services that will help protect your roof from water damage and reflect hot sunlight during the summer, reducing your energy bill. By reflecting sunshine, your home or business can allow for a livable climate inside, keeping your loved ones, residents, or customers cool during a sweltering summertime.

So please don’t hesitate! Whether a business or homeowner, we will handle your asphalt, metal, flat roof and recoating services. No matter the service, residential and commercial clients know that Bold City goes beyond industry standards for their property.